Which song are you curious about the most?

In July the very first Sonata Arctica Tribute album is going to be released. The line-up consists of a variety of metal bands, some more knows than others. Ouergh Records has already released the official video for the debut single, STREAM OF PASSION’s version of ‘I Have A Right’, which can be seen below.

Let us know which song you are curious about the most by using the poll! Also let us know what you think of Stream of Passion’s version of “I Have A Right” in the comments below!

Which cover are you most curious about?

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  1. Profile photo of SuicideQueen
    SuicideQueen  May 28, 2015

    I voted for Coldspell’s Letter to Dana, because let’s be honest. That song only works with Tony in my mind, so I’m curious on how it will turn out. Shame you can only cast one vote, Powerglove would’ve been my second, I’m sure they’ll nail it 🙂
    And concerning Stream of Passion’s I Have A Right – I like how they made their own version out of it, turned out pretty good, mixed things up a bit. Just not sure yet if I’m happy about the spoken part being in their own language.
    Many bands on the tracklist are new to me, so I’m looking forward to hearing new styles of old songs 🙂 (with a bit of caution on the side. Some songs are pretty important, so there’s also some fear of them being butchered)

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