Sonata Sinfonica – Concert Report

At the end of April, 2017, something special happened in Northern Finland: SonatA SinfonicA

For two shows only, Tony Kakko took to the stage together with Oulu Sinfonia under the leadership of Jukka Myllys to perform Sonata Arctica songs. Instagram user “Die_Adre” travelled from Germany to experience these shows and wrote a short report for us:

Sonata Sinfonica – Tony Kakko together with the Oulu Symphonic Orchestra, conductor Jukka Myllys, in Madetojan Sali, Oulu, Finland.
On two days, the 29th and the 30th April, 2017, the sold-out shows took place in Madetojan Sali, Oulu, Finland.

The concert on 29th April, 2017 started with a “Fade to Grey” solo by the orchestra. To great applause and cheers from the fans, Tony Kakko entered the stage in his fire red corsair coat and continued the concert with “Flag in the Ground”. After the song ended and the applause started, you could positively see the relief radiating off him, as his nervousness you could see in social media beforehand calmed down. There was no need for any of it in the first place, because the evening was filled with grand musical performances. “We are what we are” followed in a breath-taking presentation.

After a further solo of the orchestra with “Deathaura”, Tony Kakko followed with “Larger than Life” and “Tallulah”. During the latter, Tony asked the audience to sing along at the end, which was more than happy to comply!

After the cheers died down, it was time for a little break.

The concert continued with “Love”, “Juliet” and “As if the World wasn’t ending”, which Tony presented together with the orchestra and the three background singers as only he can.

After a little instrumental break with the orchestra, the evening reached its climax with Tony Kakko and “White Pearl, Black Oceans”. The fans animated the rest of the audience to standing ovations and ear-deafening cheers.

Following that came nothing else than “White Pearl, Black Oceans Part II – By the Grace of the Ocean”, after which there was no holding back for the fans and the cheers were, if possible, even louder than before.

Following another short break, the first concert ended with the wonderful “I have a Right”.

After the concert, Tony was ready and available for autographs and photos, which the fans really appreciated and took advantage of.

On the second day, the concert already started in the afternoon. The opportunity to have brunch at the venue was offered.

With the same setlist and equally terrific commitment the show was stunning. Only the audience was a bit more subdued.  When talking to Tony Kakko after the concert he admitted that on that day there were far less fans, but a more sophisticated audience.

After the second concert, Tony once again took the time to sign autographs and take plenty of photos. All in all, you have to take your hat off to Tony Kakko and Jukka Myllys together with his orchestra, for the performance was intense and we can only hope for a continuation.

Two wonderful concerts, the memories of which I will carry around with me for a very long time!


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