• Ary 🙂 and Profile picture of KatariinaKatariina are now friends 1 year, 2 months ago

    • Hello!
      Your my first friend here 🙂

    • Hello! You re my First friend too! 😉 are you from Finland, isn t it?;)

      • Yes, i am from Finland 🙂
        Where are you from?

        • I m from Italy 😉 which is your favourite song? Hope to see our sonata arctica soon *.*

          • Italy, wow 🙂 Have you ever listened Rhapsody? That`s also one of my favorite bands. My favorite song from Sonata Arctica? Tricky question… maybe White Pearl Black Oceans. It`s so hard to choose. I love all their songs. Have you ever seen Sonata Arctica live? I`ve seen the band three times, twice in my hometown Mikkeli and once in Tampere.