Interview Pasi Kauppinen

Now that Sonata Arctica is having a well-deserved break, we thought this would be a nice opportunity to catch up with Pasi Kauppinen and talk a bit about his side projects! Maria did an interview with him, which you can read below!

Hello Pasi,

Thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions! The Winter Chapter tour through Finland is finished, Tony is busying himself writing songs for the new album, and the next show is far away in June. So, the first question is, what are you up to in the meantime? Do you have some “ritual” that you do when you return from a tour?

Hi there, it’s nice to chat with you.

When we come back from the tour, I usually try to do nothing work associated for the first couple of days. Especially if there is jet lag from travelling. Just relaxing and try to get the ”normal” day routine.

But what I do now when we are not touring. I have my recording studio where I do recordings and mixing for the bands and also last fall and this spring I have got time to make some new music with my other bands.

How did you enjoy playing the Caleb saga in its entirety, and the two rather epic WPBOs on top? And will there be any chance at all that the rest of the world will get to experience that, too?

The saga was really great to perform as it’s entirety. We had been talking about doing it for a long time and now the time felt right to do it. And when we decided to do the Caleb saga, we also took as a new live song the WPBO2 to the set list and of course ended up to play both parts together.

At first we were little bit concerning how the audience will take that part of the set, we thought that at least fans like to hear something like that but how about those who are only familiar with the songs they have heard from the radio. But after the first show we found out that it was all good.

Let’s see if we continue playing the saga in future, we haven’t yet talked about it but why not.

On Instagram you posted a lot about Superior Saints. Recording, mixing, photos and even a video shoot. What can you tell us about that, how did it all start, and what can we expect sound-wise? Do you have a release date already?

That’s something new what we have done lately. When I have been on tour, my brother Timo had started this band and last summer we had first rehearsals. Line-up in the band is Timo on guitar, Johan Huhta on vocals, Jani Hurtsi Hurula on drums and me on bass. Last fall we went to the studio and recorded basic tracks live for the up-coming release, couple of weeks ago we finished the mixings. I don’t know when you are putting this interview online but TOMORROW from now is something out with this band 😉

Then there is Winterborn, fans have been patiently waiting for new songs for a while now. You also hinted at some rehearsals taking place there. Can we hope for new stuff coming our way soon?

The third Winterborn album is been ready now for 1,5 years. We have been struggling with the releasing. We’ve been negotiating with the labels but it’s still waiting to get the daylight. Hopefully soon you could hear it. Something is however happening. We had first rehearsals for a long time and we are having a show here in Kokkola in April. So those of you who are somewhere near welcome to see the show. We have been also making new music with Pasi, so let’s see.

You also once mentioned recordings taking place for Mental Care Foundation. What can you tell us about that, is there also a new album on its way?

That’s right. The new album in 12 years is on it’s way. Actually you will hear something very soon. The first single is coming out and we are playing a show in Kokkola at the legendary Pääsiäisjamit -festival on Easter. There is some vocals still to be recorded for the album but otherwise it’s already quite ready.

Last but not least, do you have anything to report from the Silent Voices front? Or is that one on a break for now after the release of your “Live in Europe” CD late last year? (It’s brilliant in my opinion, btw!)

– Thank you, that was a nice thing to get released. Hopefully also for the listeners, but for us, too. We had a tour with Silent Voices and E.Vil in in Europe in 2015 and over a year later we remembered that the show in Kokkola on this tour was recorded by the FOH sound guy. So last spring me and Timo started to mix the CD and it finally got it released last December. Those of you who don’t have the CD yet, order it now from our website: 🙂

We have been writing new material for Silent Voices as well and all music is quite much already written for the next studio album. We should have time to get it arranged with the band and go to the studio to record it. But it’s still in it’s early steps.

Do you sometimes think that you may have too many projects running alongside?

Actually no, haha. All bands are so different kind of music and it’s great to play many styles. Of course none of those projects are so active live-wise so if there would be lots of shows, I might get busy.

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

I’m eager to get into the studio with Sonata Arctica to record the next studio album, and of course to go out for the festival shows in summer, hope to see you all there. Also I’m enjoying to do things alongside with the music, going to travel somewhere, skiing, playing golf in the summer and so on.

Is there something I missed that you’d like to mention, too? Feel free to elaborate!

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this yet (I will say however), but I have the next KS albums demos on my desktop waiting to be recorded.

That’s it from my side, if you don’t have anything else to add, I thank you very much for your time and answers, and I’m very much looking forward to many future releases!

Thank you, I think that’s is pretty much everything for now! See you!

Best regards,

Sonata Arctica
Silent Voices
Mental Care Foundation
Superior Saints


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