Greetings Sonata Arctica fans & musicians!

If you have found this page it means that you are interested in the cover project!
Over the years many talented fans have covered a wide range of Sonata Arctica songs on all kinds of instruments. To give all  these talented people a bit more attention we thought it would be nice to put them in the spotlight and let them shine on our very on SonataTube. Not only will other fans be able to watch your cover on there, but they can also vote for your cover! To make things even more interesting we will  hand out prizes to covers with the most likes. On top of that we will show the most liked cover in each category to the band member who plays the instrument within Sonata Arctica and show you his reaction! The covers will be divided in the following categories:

Vocals | Guitars | Bass | Keyboards (which includes Piano) | Drums.


  • The cover must be recently made. (from Oct. 2016)
  • The cover must be a complete song
  • The cover must  be uploaded on Youtube
  • The video must contain yourself playing your instrument

We also would like to request to make sure to set a video thumbnail that is showing you or your instrument.

The competition will last til the 24st of November, which means you have a month to create & upload your cover! You can send the Youtube link + Your name to After we receive your submission we will add it to SonataTube and from that moment people are able to like it!

Good luck and make the band proud!

Are you here because you would like to participate in a “full band” cover? Then you’re at the right place as well! Send a mail to with your name, instrument and preferred songs to covers. If you want to get an impression how a “full band” cover would look like,check the video above.

To realize something like that it would be preferred if you can recorded your parts through your computer or any other recording device without background music. If that’s not possible you could try to listen to the music with headphones whilst playing along with your instrument and record it on video. This goes without saying, but timing is everything. To be able to mix all track together to get a complete song, all parts need to be played at the same tempo, so make sure you really know the songs before attempting to record! Now get the creative juices flowing and start rehearsing your favorite songs! Depending on how many people want to participate in this we will decide how to proceed with the next steps!!

If you have any questions, again, mail us at