CONTEST – A Sonata Arctica Experience

The tour came to an end in Tampere last weekend. About time to start a contest!

What can you win?

• 1x signed shirt that was only available at the end of this tour!

For the ladies amongst us there is a little something extra to it:
• 1x customized Sonata shirt. Made into a special design by BlackArt Designs, to make this into a one of a kind girlie with a perfect fit.

What do you have to do?

Basically anything and everything. We want to challenge you to write, paint, sing, or make anything concerning the topic: A Sonata Arctica Experience. This means you can write about your personal experience of a show that you’ll always remember. Draw the next album cover, or maybe make a version of your favorite Sonata song. You’ve got free range to do anything creative that falls within the topic. Keep in mind though, that originality plays a part in the results.

You have a month to finish your project, which sets the end date to the 27th of September.
Submissions can be sent in to

Good Luck!



  1. Profile photo of rivetti
    rivetti  September 1, 2015

    Im in! 8D

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