Sonata Arctica Cover Project

Over the years many talented fans have covered a wide range of Sonata Arctica songs on all kinds of instruments. To give all  these talented people a bit more attention we thought it would be nice to put them in the spotlight and let them shine on our very on SonataTube. Not only will other fans be able to watch your cover on there, but they can also vote for your cover! To make things even more interesting ...

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Create your profile!

At the top of this website you will find the registration link. By going to this link you can create an account and a profile at the same time. On your profile you will be able to share things like your favorite Sonata Arctica album, song and show. You will also be able to befriend other users on this site and see what they are up to. You can upload your own picture and cover image.

In the near future we ...

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