Sonata Arctica – Pakkahuone, Tampere

One of the fans that attended the last shows of the Pariah’s Child World Tour was Francesca. Read all about her impression of that show below!

The moment I had learnt about Pakkahuone’s date, I didn’t hesitate for a bit! Although I had to go back home from Helsinki the following day, I hurried booking a train to Tampere, because I just couldn’t miss a Sonata gig nearby, no matter where I am. I had seen them a few weeks before in the same city, when they were opening for Nightwish, along with Children of Bodom and I must admit that it was the best concert I’ve ever attended. Apart from the clean and powerful sounds, when the band is in their homeland, it seems like they have “that something more” and they deliver it through the whole performance.That is why I did the impossible to attend their last Pariah’s Child World Tour gig, and it was really worth it!

I managed to get to the venue around 3 pm and after some bewilderment finding the entrance, I’ve found myself to be the first in line. It was weird for me since I’m used to arriving to the venue around 6/7 AM! In fact, as usual in Finland, part of the audience started arriving 2 hours before the show whereas another part came a little while before the doors opening.
I reached my dear and reached first row without any effort and I waited for the 1-hour break to pass, there weren’t any support bands.

Finally the lights go out and the funny “Can Can” starts playing. Behind a lectern labeled with a “X”, the mighty Jaakko appears. He has a Sonata Arctica book copy and for the whole show he will be constantly making references to it during songs breaks. “White Pearl, Black Oceans” is followed by “X Marks the Spot” and the whole Ecliptica album. Following that, here come the roadies building up the stage for a very appreciated and unexpected acoustic set, composed by Black Sheep, Tallulah, Shamandalie and Cloud Factory. It was now time for some Pariah’s Child stuff: “Blood”, “The Wolves Die Young”, “Love” and “What Did You in the War, Dad?”, then followed by “I Have a Right”.The closer of this very long gig came very shortly and it was the classic “Don’t Say a Word” + Vodka.

Last but not least, a dejà-vu: Mr Klingenberg totally destroyed his keytar at the end. The concert lasted about 2 hour and a half and it was a real blast! After the gig was over, willing to meet the guys I moved towards the other side of the building where 20 people or so were already waiting for them. They came out and didn’t ignore their fans at all, having chats, taking pictures and handing out autographs to everyone there.
I finally managed to meet Pasi and had a few words with Tony, who confessed to be a bit down with the flu and with very few sleep as well. Needless to say he provided a great performance, despite his condition.

That said, I can only draw my own conclusion. I’m not too good at writing reports, because I don’t consider myself a music expert, just a girl who loves listening to it and most of all, living it. Sonata Arctica has been an essential part of life for the last 14 years and although they took different path and experimented new styles, they will always be one of my favorite bands and I’m never going to stop supporting them. Tampere was my 9th gig and the next one is going to be inevitably special for me. I am attaching a couple of shots I took. I’m no professional but I wanted to have some memories and share it with you. I deeply thank the guys for giving me yet another magnificent concert and in the meantime I’m going to keep live music alive!

Francesca M.










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